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Pre Audit Inspections

Phoenix Analysts Limited will gather information and evaluate data to help your service prepare for a visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC).  CQC inspect health and social care services to ensure people who use the service are provided with safe, effective, compassionate, high quality care and encourage services to improve.  


CQC will want to see how good your services are at delivering this; we will work with you and carry out a pre audit of your service and evaluate the quality of the care being delivered to see if you are meeting the essential standards to a minimum level in order to pass an inspection.


We will work with you to assess the following elements:


  • How good is the service you provide?

  • What quality improvements you have made?

  • What new ways of working you have implemented?

  • What areas are you working on improving – why and how you are doing this?

  • What do service users like best about your service?

  • What are you proud of?


We will work with you and asses whether you can evidence the CQC standards to at least the minimum level required by asking the following questions about the service users and the people who deliver the care and support:


  • Are they safe – Are people protected from abuse and avoidable harm?

  • Are they effective – Does the care, treatment and support achieve good outcomes, promote good quality of life and is it based on the best available evidence?

  • Are they caring – Do staff involve and treat people with compassion, kindness, dignity and respect?

  • Are they responsive to people needs – Is the service organised so that it meets peoples needs?

  • Are they well led – Does the leadership, management and governance of the organisation assure the delivery of high quality, person centred care, supporting learning and innovation, and promoting an open and fair culture?


We will combine the evidence from the pre audit with a range of other information including:


  • What people, carers and staff say

  • Complaints

  • Information from Stakeholders

  • Service user and staff surveys

  • National databases


This will enable us to decide on the potential rating your organisation could achieve against the CQC essential standards:


  • Outstanding

  • Good

  • Requires improvement; or

  • Inadequate


Where it is identified that a service is not meeting the required minimum standard, we will work with you and support your service with the implementation of an action plan (if requested) highlighting the areas of improvement and what actions need to be implemented to achieve your required standard.

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